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Buckminster Fuller Dome Home

In April 1960, Bucky assembled the dome home in Carbondale and lived in it with his wife Anne until 1971. Considered to be one of the strongest and most efficient structures known to humankind, the geodesic dome is Buckminster Fuller’s most enduring legacy. He patented the dome home in 1954 as a solution to humanity’s need for safe, affordable and accessible housing.

Intended to increase awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of historic sites, structures, and landscapes throughout the United States, The Holland Prize recognizes the best single-sheet measured drawing of an historic building, site, or structure prepared by an individual(s) to HABS/HAER/HALS standards and guidelines.

The recipient of this year’s first prize is none other than Thad Heckman, Architect, and Vice President of the R. Buckminster Fuller and Anne Hewlett Dome Home Not-For-Profit Organization in Carbondale, Illinois (with the drawing pictured above).

View a high-resolution image of Mr. Heckman’s measured drawing.

Amazing drawings!

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